Say “No” To Cyber bullying

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Some actions can hurt people. Some words can hurt people too.

In today’s society, everyone has the freedom to speak out, but that doesn’t mean you can use it to hurt others because everyone has their own dignity and privacy. We have to learn to respect others, perhaps we do not know that we use the Internet platform to evaluate others whether it is good or bad, this may can cause harm to some people, and lead to a lifetime of low self-esteem.Β This may cause chronic fatigue, insomnia and poor performance in school or at work.

What is Cyberbullying ?

Cyberbullying is an action that someone using digital-communication tools such as the Internet, laptop and cell phones to make other people feel uncomfortable, angry, sad, or afraid. In other words, they use the Internet to harass and humiliate others. It’s purposeful, and it’s usually continuous.

Nowadays, cyberbullying can be easily happen in our daily life when people using social media, texting and email to talk to their friends. Cruel messages or unflattering photos can be sent to everyone with just one click in one second. Especially on social media, when a controversial event occurs, internet users will rush to leave comments on the people who are involved.

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The symptoms of cyberbullying:

  • Posting hurtful things about someone on social media.
  • Threatening or intimidating someone online or in a text message.
  • Taking an embarrassing photo or video and sharing it without permission.
  • Sending neutral messages to someone to the point of harassment.
  • Spreading rumors or gossip about someone online.

Cyberbullying not only occurs on normal people, public figures such as famous singer, actor and political figure. They need to face different levels of cyberbullying. For instance, verbal insults, boycott even editing other people’s photo for fun without permission. These all are reflecting the immature and childish of internet users. All the people no matter who is them, what are their jobs, all of them need respect and privacy.

What we say, what we write. Who will be the victim, what impact will going on ?

Why cyberbullying is dangerous ?

The news about cyberbullying leads to suicide.

The news on the above cyberbullying leads to suicide. From this case, I feel very sympathy and sad because he was just 20 years old and very young boy. He had not yet enjoyed more wonderful good things in the world. He was missing those perfect memories in his life. Unfortunately, he ended his 20- year life because of people’s negative comments. 20- year life is just the beginning of our human life. No one can fully understand the painful feeling of his parents about losing their lovely son.

The final words posted by Zheng Wen Jun on his Facebook,

From my perspective, the boy could find a counselor, his friends or family members by telling them the problem his faced. So, he can express his feelings and maybe the tragedy would not happened. The students who cyberbullied the boy also have to apologize and repent to the mistakes they made.

Cyberbullying can easily occurs in the people around us. As we are the relatives or friends of someone who has been cyberbullied, we should lend a hand to them when we realize that they have been cyberbullied in order to avoid this kind of incident happens again in people around us because life is precious and only once in a lifetime.

Due to I had deleted the old account so these are some of the contents that I remembered she commented to my inbox.

From my previous life experience, I have been cyberbullied by the people through Weibo, online social media six years ago. Even though, she was no spreading negative messages about me in public by sharing on her post or commented negative messages on my post. But the text she sent to my inbox, was really make me uncomfortable, sad and getting angry. But I don’t care about her because I don’t want to argue with people who are unreasonable.

As a conclusion, we can know that words can help people but they can also be a weapon that hurts people. Everyone has a different perception of cyberbullying. At sometimes, we feel that is not harmful to us but it is already let other people getting hurt. We need to do our best to prevent cyberbullying and respect to each other.

To protect our family, friends or the others. From you and me, start from now, say no to cyberullying !

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39 thoughts on “Say “No” To Cyber bullying

  1. Good sharing, everyone plays a part in stopping cyber bullying and to stop tragedies happening. Keep up the good work JingYi


  2. Great post! And I agree! I’ve been cyberbullied right after my late husband passed away. It hurts bad enough for an adult but for a child can be especially devastating! Thank you for raising awareness!


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